In a universe of wonders, is mastering the elements really the ultimate goal of science?

Chris Windes
5 min readMay 27, 2024
Abell 2151, Hercules Galaxy Cluster (image credit:

What is dark energy? Dark matter? Gravity? Magnetism? These are only the latest/more well known questions in science right now that don’t have answers. Sure, there are theories. And, no, I’m not that guy that says “it’s only a theory.” What I say is, if you’re not sure how to explain something physical, like quantum effects, how are you at explaining spiritual things? In fact, what ground do you stand on to explain them at all?

I know the ground I stand on. I know the source of all explanations. We’re not made to have command of all that is knowable. Could there be a case made that the reason we’re unable to quite grasp at these things and understand them might be that we’re not equipped to do this, at all? In fact, isn’t there a place we just can’t go, why we can’t master the stars, or our diseases, or even the hair on our own head?

It’s all seeming more and more out of reach because, number one, we’re not the source of all these explanations. And, neither is the ground we stand on. I can barely control the level of dishes in my sink. Yet, we as a human race think we can control the elements and the weather. I’ve seen no evidence of this, at least none that shows we’ll ever gain a deeper understanding that allows us to alter things like the physical constants, and…