Jesus’ ministry hinged on what matters most

Chris Windes
5 min readAug 28, 2023
You can’t photograph nothing

He said it was the Kingdom of Heaven, eternity. He told us to leave our father’s and mother’s, our sisters and brothers, our riches, our offerings, and even our very lives for it. Fairly, every time you read his words, he was either prioritizing something his followers had magnified over Heavenly things, or he was pleading for his listeners to let go of things that would keep them out of its Kingdom.

Then, to make a point, he taught them the most absolutely startling teaching they’d heard. He said that unless you consume his very flesh and blood, you can never be part of this Kingdom. When you hear something like that, you have to start asking questions. As it turns out, though, all of Jesus’ words have deeper meaning than the surface.

John’s gospel spells it out, as in it, he details this deep meaning for us. In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. By him, all things were made that have been made. (John 1:1–2) So, you can see Jesus’ meaning, that life comes from him, and unless we have the Word inside us, unless we consume it like food, there is no life in us, because all life comes from him.

Jesus wasn’t talking about things that were more important or less important, then. He was talking about things that mattered, and things that didn’t. Why do you try to remove the splinter…