Chris Windes
4 min readMay 14, 2021


Yes, I’m writing about miracles

There is a miracle that can be plainly seen in this world, in front of everyone’s eyes, that inspires both faith and hatred. Israel, simply shouldn’t be here, but, miraculously, it is a thriving, democratic haven. Their song-poetry book, Psalms, says, "You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies." What a clear fulfillment of prophecy, a miracle, that Israel thrives surrounded by its enemies.

I've never quite understood the hatred for Jews, even as they work in parts of the world outside of Israel. Are they seen as thieves, interlopers, stealing what is not theirs to take? Yes. America, as it has aided Israel, has received a dose of this hate with millions in its borders seeing its founders as interlopers, too, stealing the land from a worthy people who were here first. America, and Israel, exist as miracles, never having stood any chance without several apparent twists of fate. But it is the faith of the people who founded them that explains these anomalies.

A miracle is a momentary divergence from a deterministic course of historical events. The state of Israel, and America, have themselves diverged from the path that human societies follow almost universally. A strong, military build up sweeps away a weaker people's ability to withstand it, then that society slowly weakens itself with complacent living, and the cycle repeats. Only that hasn't happened in these two countries. It always looks like they are about to collapse, either from without our within, but they continue to stand. Israel stands after several swaths of historical dispersion. America stands after welcoming its enemies into its borders, and still after its own people have begun to hate their own country, something preserves the integrity of its founding.

This is where we take a turn from a descriptive venture into world powers to point out a supposition they suggest in each individual life on the planet. Science tends to wince at the thought of deviation from the physical laws that govern the shaping of the universe. After all, there is no path forward making predictions from a misbehaving cosmos, making spurious choices, deflecting history from its predetermined destiny. This is known as an information paradox, the most famous example being that of Hawking radiation.

There have been many proposals to prove this paradox is avoidable, suffice to say, it is still fodder for science literature, so it's significance hasn't waned to the point of irrelevance. This is because, if it can't be dismissed, it upends the underpinning of all the laws of physics. This, put simply, can't be. But there's an alternate view. There may be physics, and interplay of the quantum and cosmic configurations of alternate universes, which we can never see or experiment on, that could put to rest such a drastic move as to cancel all of physics. But, the acceptance of such notions tends to resemble an act of faith more than "pure science."

I'd like to make a suggestion that there are forces and phenomena outside of our experience that affect us, our daily disposition, that we can't see or know, but that we can be sure are there. This is the suggestion of the most current understanding of our universe, in fact, which cannot apparently survive with the odds that are stacked against it without outside intervention. Well, at least a set of circumstances that explain how we seem to be living in, and sustained by, a miraculously anomalous series of events.

Such miraculous divergence has shaped the course of history for great societies like America and Israel, and for individuals who know they don't deserve to be drawing breath, but somehow are still alive to tell the story. I'm definitely one of them. No, on the surface, there's no news-breaking headlines to tell, but just a suspicious undercurrent of inconsistencies that don't add up to the genuinely blessed life I lead. And this story is repeated for so many I know, even though it's not always acknowledged. We're not a set of predetermined circumstances, we're miraculous.

Living this way tends to fit with what we see around us, though it's darkness and stark reality that has the loudest voice. Unexplainable, paradoxical even, anomalous circumstances, whether they be nation states that are sustained in the face of impossible odds, or saved lives that could have been lost given another chance, these are the stuff of miracles. And, asking for them is a much more exciting way to live than accepting some fate you can't even know. These are the choices of life, whether to let yourself be simply pulled along by the undertow of complacency, or to swim against the current and create a miraculous rescue where you should have been lost to oblivion. How else are you going to find out what is possible unless you believe in what might seem impossible? You never know.

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