Chris Windes
2 min readFeb 21, 2022


Satisfaction is another word for peace, and it’s all we seek. It’s all anyone ever seeks to find. Everything we do is meant to either fulfill or resist this truth. That is, until we see the truth, that all our efforts are futile.

There is a single truth, whether you tell yourself there’s not, or believe you can have your own. We all have built into us the need for satisfaction. We either tell ourselves we have it, or we blame something for not giving it to us, but no one doesn’t have this need. Satisfaction will only ever come to someone who accepts truth as is. Everyone is seeking satisfaction, but it’s only found in this: believing in God’s son Jesus Christ. You can find him everywhere, not just in the Bible. He’s in every deed that has been done for you in truth. He’s not in acts of revenge, bitterness, or thievery. Those lead to loss, not satisfaction.

The Bible calls it contentment. And this leads to sacrificial love, giving up your need to be satisfied, because you’re satisfied by him. He has taken away the search, the battle, that leads to dissatisfaction, and has replaced it with the hope of seeing the truth, that he has all your needs for his only purpose, and he can and will fulfill all of them. You just have to believe one truth, that you can’t satisfy yourself. Life screams that you can’t, but few listen. We struggle and fight to be satisfied, only to find it’s not in our power, and we give up.

But love does not leave you in this state, as long as you have the very smallest will to ask the question, “What satisfies?” You will search to the ends of Earth and not find it. It’s only found in the faith of knowing we’re here because of that one truth. And it is an answer unto itself. Love satisfies. Every moment you’ve felt meaning and gratification that lasts, that persists in memory, that lifts up, was through love. And that is who Jesus is. He was born of God, and God is love. That is the single truth that always works, that never fails. When you find it, that’s when you know, you are satisfied.

So, just tell yourself, you may have learned from the world to value satisfaction above all else. We fight, argue, and kill for it. It turns into one of two things, a struggle for power, or a descent into hopelessness, unless you find its source. And that is the answer, itself. Only the truth brings satisfaction. It’s when your trust is not within you, but in him.

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