Science v Genesis — God’s test?

The apparent disparity between science and Genesis may be the test of faith God actually intended.

Chris Windes
5 min readAug 20, 2022
“The Eye of God” — Helix Nebula, NGC 7293 Caldwell 63

Faith must withstand deception, but it also must face confusion and doubt. There is a very special test it must pass to be proved. It may be a simple one, but it’s not necessarily easy. The test is, as Jesus faced it, what we will do when we feel God has vanished. Will we rush into doubt and resort to mental formulations of our own, or cling to his word? Facing most fears this world can generate, the word must come through above all else. However, knowing the vast distance between human intellect and God’s, confidence can be found in patience. And, ultimate patience includes trusting in his answers, as they have proven themselves in the past. This is faith, not that it has a confidence in itself, but only in God, by sight, or not.

Seeing the world with human eyes is a path to failure. The one answer to Genesis versus human science is that science is based on the human assumption that confidence can be placed just in the most presently available data. While an overwhelming data set may be daunting, just one shift in theory can alter its interpretation. In the observation of our history, this has happened repeatedly, and very recently. Taking just a few assumptions away from our present picture, that of…