The startling paucity of the fettered mind

Men of fettered minds pretend that we shouldn’t be so bold as to imagine things beyond the comfort and safety of our senses. The brilliance of God’s universe only cries for us to realize there must be more, if we are the brilliant creation we appear to be. After watching man struggle with the truth the way he has done throughout our history, it is not a leap to think we may not ever know everything there is to know. The distance between our hubris and our utility has always been a subject of dubious wanting. This is where God chooses to speak to us, in the midst of our frailty, with answers that truly grant us a way to dream; that we are not enough, in ourselves, to divine the expanse between our deficits and our needs. Yet it is this chasm that is ever before our eyes, that persistently, immutably, speaks of our need of something more than we can ever ask, or dream. For those who see this, we seek more than to know the mind of God, but rather to hear his voice.

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