What if Jesus did die to save you, after all?

Chris Windes
6 min readSep 24, 2022
‘Dante and Virgil in (the Ninth Circle) of Hell’ by Gustave Courtois (1879), image credit, Spectral Insomnia, https://www.facebook.com/Altars.of.Earth.Sky.Chthonic/photos/a.214559438717135/1352913824881685/?type=3&theater

To believe Christianity, I only had to be convinced of one thing, that men do not rule, they are ruled

What if he’s alive right now, and really waiting for you to respond to his love? You would assume it’s just impossible to not want to think about that at all, but the most extraordinary thing I’ve noticed about human nature is our capacity to just ignore things we don’t like. Even if these are so UN-ignorable as to imply the very meaning of life, we can rationalize literally anything away, especially the gravity of human life. It’s absurd. Our failure as a species to own the smallest speck of integrity about our ignorance is stunning.

This is the premise upon which I ask life’s most important questions, starting with “if.” There is no assurance or confidence in brushing off meaning for the cold comfort of ignorance. To me, it’s tacit proof that our entire bent as a species is to imagine away truth that’s inconvenient. And that, to the point that we imagine taking as mundane the very gift of life so much, we actually don’t even mind when it’s taken away from the most innocent and obviously vulnerable, making these lives — incomprehensibly — inconvenient in our imagination so as to justify their being marginalized, derided, abused, and extinguished.