Your view of the family follows your grasp of the truth.

Chris Windes
6 min readOct 30, 2022

When you rebel against God, you are like a child who hates rules, but these are the rules that grant life, to you and everyone around you.

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Relationships are indicative of your view of the family, parents, and God. Once you have convinced yourself that a parent is standing in the way of your rights, good life, choices, you may decide all authority stands in the way of what you want. You may also, then, choose pleasure over prudence, seeking your own ways over the original Father, God. If you seek truth, though, the first thing that becomes obvious is the place your father had in guiding you away from this trap. Seeking your own way, pleasure, gratification first, can only lead to a life of selfishness and pain, both for you and others.

Ultimately, you might choose to take God’s place, make your own rules, and trust your own power over his. It’s compassion that motivates God to want you to avoid this destructive path. Since he made you, he’s your only source of life, not you. You are nothing, literally, and what you have has been given to you by him. At his essence, God wants to save everyone from, after once receiving his goodness, wealth, and life, then worshiping the feeling of having them, rather than the one who gave them. To displace your trust in him onto yourself, you also displace his right to give you these things…